Welcome to Crest Foods

With more than 60 years of experience in dairy stabilizers, manufacturing and contract packaging, we guarantee quality from top to bottom. Dependable, dedicated people are our most important corporate asset. Without them Crest Foods would simply be just another supplier.

We're pretty proud of our company. It isn't every day you find a workforce of 750 who consider the company their own. This attitude translates to solid, honest work from everyone in the labs to everyone on the line.

At Crest Foods, you don't just buy a product; you buy the company, pride and all.


Pass along a good idea from one generation to the next and pretty soon you've got tradition. Since 1941, the idea at Crest Foods has been to partner with our customers to achieve their goals. Thankfully, some things never change.

In 1946, George McDonald and E.C. Scott came to Ashton, Illinois to manufacture milk proteins in the local cheese factory. A year later Tom Gaskins joined George and E.C. and the company, originally named M & S Dairy Specialties, became Crest Foods.

Protein manufacturing moved to Forreston, Illinois in 1951. Laboratory facilities and ingredient mixing remained in Ashton, housed across the street from the current offices of Crest Foods. Twenty-four years later, the Forreston operation was sold and all manufacturing returned to Ashton.

Expansion of Crest Foods office space began in 1955. The newest office complex was completed in the late 1960's.

In 1968, Crest Foods began Contract Packaging. At this time, Tom Gaskins became seriously ill and retired from active participation in the business. Three new faces emerged in company leadership: Jay Meiners, Bert Kemp, and Dick Moeller purchased majority ownership of Crest Foods in 1969.

Bert and Dick retired from active ownership in the late 1980s, and Jay Meiners passed away in October of 1988. Jay's sons, Jeff, Steve and Mike Meiners, took over management of the business, continuing it's tradition of quality and dedication to the customer.

During the past decade, Crest Foods has grown substantially. In 1991, we built the warehouse complex - 165,000 square feet - two miles west of Ashton. The complex housing the breakroom, labs and offices was added in late 1997, and the warehouse expanded by 70,000 square feet in 1998.

A new mix facility has been added to the warehouse complex and is fully operational. Today, Crest sells ingredients to the food industry in all fifty states and produces approximately 150 private label food products for more than two dozen companies. The company that was built on quality is growing on quality. It's our tradition.


Born and raised in rural northern Illinois, Crest Foods grew up on a solid diet of true American values, easily found on the tree lined streets of Ashton where you can count on welcoming waves from passing townspeople. Where you find unspoken appreciation for simple courtesies and a handshake is as binding as a signed contract. Where morning coffee at The Huddle is as informative as network news. Where the entire town cheers for Friday night high school football and honesty exists without question.

It is here, in a town likened to fictional Mayberry, that Crest Foods has discovered the most basic of American values: commitment to completing a job right - the first time.

We operate on a simple principle: Crest sells quality products and service ... at a profit when we can, at a loss if we must ... but always quality. At Crest, you won't find fluff and flash, fast-talkers and even faster-paced business. You won't find high-end presentations and confusing contracts. You will discover dedicated men and women from the top to the bottom; a diligent workforce who is aware of their company and its commitment to quality.

This is our culture.

If you're not practicing it everyday, you're not part of it. Don't be left behind!

  • * Maintain customer focus in all we do through conviction to quality and flexibility.
  • * Be ethical and fair.
  • * Recognize employees as our greatest asset and treat them accordingly.
  • * Remain family run and oriented, and committed to long-term stability.
  • * Allow rural surroundings and values to be a positive part of our corporate image while operating with high levels of professionalism.
  • * Create ownership for customer satisfaction at all levels by soliciting ideas and input from all employees.
  • * Innovate, innovate, innovate.
  • * Have some fun!